What Is Business Transformation All About?

What Is Business Transformation All About?

Why Use IndigoStone?

Better performance comes from doing more of what you do best. Organizations utilizing our services
experience over 70% less turnover, over 25% increased profit, and more than a 10% increase in
employee engagement.

Our Mission is Simple

Maximize Human Potential. Contribute to the World.

We believe that organizations have the opportunity to:

Contribute to the new collective integrity expected of business in a digital and transparent world

Create extraordinary outcomes and performances that are sustainable over time

Craft corporate cultures of accountability and engagement, where people want to work and make their own unique contribution

Exceed Board expectations while positively impacting their communities

We believe that individuals:

Can maximize potential by combining their unique natural abilities, training, mental toughness and resilience for unprecedented performance

Are capable of creating extraordinary outcomes, from concept to execution

Possess the ability to change their thinking to alter their present reality and outcomes

Are capable of far more than is typically attempted

Our Result-Driven Services

Pre-Placement Executive Assessment

Executive Coaching

Talent Evaluation

High Potential Leader Development

Culture Assessment

Analyzing and Improving Team Dynamics

Assessment and Coaching Services

Our executive consulting and coaching services pinpoint your most pressing issues through
analytics, experience and a dedicated level of service you won’t find at the big consulting firms.

Behavior Change
A structure that enables our clients to transform the concepts we teach into behavior change (rather than learning and forgetting facts and information).
Habit Forming Strategies
A structure for implementation so that tools and strategies become habit and part of their everyday lives (rather than things they “know” but don’t use).
Strong Support Structure
A structure for support to assist our clients through obstacles, setbacks, joys and accomplishments, as well as the inevitable times when old patterns and paradigms start drawing them back to their familiar, yet unhealthy or non-productive, comfort zone.

What Our Clients Say

Invaluable Asset to Our Organization

"Dr. Tina Decker is a clinically trained, highly experienced business leader who provides insights that are simply not available from other sources. Her assessment–based coaching for each of our business leaders has improved their individual performance and the effectiveness of our leadership team. She also provides assessments of finalists for certain management positions that help us hire the right, best person for those important jobs. In short, Tina is an invaluable asset to our organization and our entire leadership team."

Ed Choate, CEO

Delta Dental of Arkansas

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