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We utilize a proprietary blend of assessments, years of
experience and finely honed insight to help talented
individuals achieve extraordinary results.

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Philosophy and Values

IndigoStone Advisors creates consulting initiatives and coaching engagements
for organizations committed to inventing a future consistent with the strategic
vision and objectives of their organizations. The initiatives are designed to
have executives and their teams create and align around breakthrough
business results and then powerfully implement a plan to deliver these

Minimize risk when selecting talent for key positions by partnering with IndigoStone.

Risk Mitigation

Pre-Hiring Assessment

A bad hiring decision at the senior level has far-reaching implications that impact the direction, strategy, and operations of the organization. Our assessments include a clear view of the candidates’ cognitive capacity, leadership strengths and weaknesses, character, fit for the organization and capacity for growth.

Our assessment tools provide in-depth insights to minimize risk in selection decisions for senior leadership roles, including the CEO, CFO, and other critical roles. We further detail the candidates potential derailers, behavior patterns and ability to integrate with the existing team. If the candidate is hired, we provide developmental recommendations and a detailed on-boarding plan to ensure the executive has the best chance of success and integration with the organization.

Team Dynamics

IndigoStone offers a variety of facilitation options for improving team dynamics. We tailor our offering to the specific needs of your organization at C level and beyond. Our methods provide measureable improvement in trust, engagement, and productivity. We have a wealth of experience in facilitation around values, competency, developing a coaching culture, The Five Dysfunctions of Team, and multiple additional offerings.

Resource Maximization

Development of High Potential Leaders

Many companies view their people as their greatest asset. However, research show that US companies average 33% employee engagement, making your people your most under utilized asset Our methodology provides an in-depth picture of the executive’s strengths, values, interpersonal style, emotional IQ, leadership presence and potential derailers. We build more engaged leaders who build more engaged teams. Rather than reducing potential to a single score or personality profile, we provide a detailed report highlighting candidates’ strengths and weaknesses as well as how they can best develop their maximum potential.

Executive Coaching

Coaching focuses on changing the future. Our coaching, at its foundation, is built on processes that challenge people to think without limits. This includes discovering strengths, breaking through barriers and creating positive outcomes, regardless of the current circumstances.

Business and Executive coaching is a collaborative process leading to extraordinary results by providing participants the insights and skills to unlock their potential and meet aggressive goals. We partner with the employee and the organization to understand the unique challenges of the individual.

Coaching is not therapy. It is a confidential, nonjudgmental relationship built on trust and respect. Coaching is present and future focused, and is appropriate for those who are high functioning and generally feel good about their lives, but who are ready to uncover their true potential and accelerate their unique contribution to their organization and the world.

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