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Do you offer team-based coaching?

In addition to individual coaching, Indigo Stone offers a variety of facilitation options for improving team dynamics. We provide insights that are designed to improve communication and workplace efficiency. Further, Indigo Stone teaches you to increase employee engagement, boost team effectiveness and transform employees into advocates for your organization.

What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is a powerful, relationship-based process designed to help build a compelling vision for the employee’s life and career. Coaching focuses on changing the future. Our coaching, at its foundation, is built on processes that challenge people to think without limits. This includes discovering strengths, breaking through barriers and creating positive outcomes, regardless of […]

What is Executive Assessment?

IndigoStone uses a comprehensive suite of assessment tools to provide in-depth insights to minimize risk in selection decisions for senior leadership roles, including the CEO, CFO, or any other CxO positions. Our assessment includes a clear view of the candidate’s cognitive capacity, leadership strengths and weaknesses, character, fit for the organization, and capacity for growth. […]

What services do you offer?

Simply put, we MAXIMIZE HUMAN POTENTIAL throughout your organization! Solutions are custom designed to address specific business questions and challenges. Our services range from C-level team formation facilitation to multiple facilitation options for improving team dynamics at all levels of your organization. We offer executive assessment to ensure you have the right talent at the […]

How can Indigo Stone improve our business?

Indigo Stone offers a variety of facilitation options for improving team dynamics, enhancing individual performance, and selecting the best candidates to fill mission-critical positions. We utilize a variety of well-researched assessment instruments to measure team and individual strengths, opportunities for growth, and potential derailers. We combine assessment outcomes and information with insights honed from years […]

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